Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Sea Scout's Summer Camp - (1910s / 1920s)

Snapshot album of a Sea Scout's Summer camp. 1910s or 1920s?

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I'm inclined to believe the album is from the 1910s from the clothes they are wearing.

From Wikipedia:

"One of the earliest records of "Sea Scouts" is in Chums magazine which refers to "Sea Scouts" as early as July 1909.[1] These Sea Scouts were part of the Chums Scouts and British Boy Scouts.[citation needed]
Also in the Chums magazine, the British Boys Naval Brigade, later National Naval Cadets, were subtitled 'Scouts of the Sea' from the 14 July 1909 edition and, from the 28 July 1909 edition, 'Sea Scouts of the Empire'.[2] The British Boy Scouts and an original company of The National Naval Cadets were both headquartered in Battersea, London and the 'boys' weekly newspaper Chums was the official journal of both. The National Naval Cadets affiliated with the British Boy Scouts as part of its Sea Scouts.[citation needed]
Later, Sea Scouts were introduced within the Baden-Powell Boy Scouts organization. In the first edition of 'Scouting for Boys', Baden-Powell mentioned that "A Scout should be able to manage a boat, to bring it properly alongside a ship or pier....". In December 1908, the first Seamanship badge was issued as one of the first 'Efficiency' badges.[3] A camp for Scouts was held at Bucklers HardHampshire in August 1909 at which boating activities were a focus. In 1911, Baden-Powell wrote the booklet Sea Scouting for Boys.Warington Baden-Powell[4] wrote Sea Scouting and Seamanship for Boys in 1912, with a foreword by Robert Baden-Powell. A special uniform for Sea Scouts was approved in 1910 and, in 1912, the name "Sea Scouts" was officially adopted within Baden-Powell's Boy Scouts Association.[5]
Sea Scouting also found its way to the rest of the world."