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Formerly "Beards"

Carte de Visite:

Helsby & Co, Photographic Artists
Formerly "Beards"

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The Scholars

Cabinet card. W. Palfery, Portrait and Landscape Photographer, Somerset.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Scouting August 6th 1921 - A note book from Vic

A sweet notebook from Scout's Summer Camp 1921 in Danbury written by Vic.

A note from Angela:


It seemed odd looking through my Uncle Vic's little notebook. Seemed odd that my dad and his brothers went camping at Danbury  with the 1st Hockley Scouts 50 odd years before I went camping there with 1st Hockley Girl Guides.

Some of it sticks in my mind.  It rained a lot and we were flooded, I woke up and my hand touched water, a stream of water running though the tent.  My friend Jane was sleeping on a camp bed next to me (she’d had a rheumatic fever or some such so wasn’t to sleep on the ground.) We spent the rest of the night inside somewhere.   

I forget all the Guide terms but anyway Jane was a higher grade, maybe Patrol Leader or she was doing the badge for that.  I was doing my Campers badge (I failed).  It all went wrong, especially the cooking.  It’s probably the reason that I’m not keen on blackberries, I remember sitting down to eat some with a spoon and there were maggots crawling up the side of the bowls.

Sadly there are no photos....or maybe that’s good.

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Angela's Dad, 2nd left . . . Uncle Vic, far right

Angela, front row, 2nd left

Monday, 8 September 2014

Dorrie Milner's last days of the season 1933

A page from the first of Dorrie Milner's (4) albums.

Remnants of the Band
The last days of the season.

Dorrie is in the right hand picture, far right with the sunbeam shining her way forward.

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