Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sunny Memories and A Call to Arms

Here's a wonderful album of "Sunny Memories", full of interesting pictures.

(Click image for large version)

RMS Olympic Transatlantic Ocean Liner

RMS Olympic Transatlantic Ocean Liner

Your King & Country Need You - A Call to Arms



  1. Love this Collection, very good photographs in a fine mix. :-)

  2. Dear Mr. Smith,

    I stumbled across your circa 1911 - World War One album photos online and am struck by the wonderful distant, wide view of R.M.S. Olympic at Berth 44 of the White Star Dock apparently just after completion of the passenger shed at Berth 43. As a researcher of this dock and the sheds, I would be most interested in obtaining a high-res scan of this photograph, if you were to be kind enough to consider it. I will be happy to put in writing the fact that it would be for my own reference/study purposes only and would never be reproduced or published without your consent.

    I hope you find this message as I do not notice any direct way of contacting you. If you care to reply, please do so to .

    Thanks so much, and best wishes,

    Ken Marschall